Pullin’ the Devil by the Tail       Animated Series    (2002/2009) 6 MIN

EPISODE 1: This short animation tells the tale of the night Stóisís had to play a song for the Devil. There’s a whole handlin’ with a goat too.

EPISODE 2: “All the Way to Mars”. Oscar O’Reilly unveils to the lads his new ‘space-rocket’. Holy fuck….

EPISODE 3: “Frank’s Da”: Frank meets his Da, and the other two eejits meet a big fuckin’ cow

EPISODE 4: “The Black Cat”. The three boys have a bit of woman trouble. And its pure cat.

EPISODE 5: “Billy McFlurry”. Oscar built a tractor, but he fucked up and made it too small, so he asks the three boys to sell the fuckin’ thing for him

EPISODE 6: “The Wee Donkey”. The boys run into the Devil again, and this time it’s all over the head of a fuckin’ donkey.

Pullin the Devil on Wikipedia

DEAD MURPHY  (2006) 3 min. Murphy is in a bad way. He’s dead. But can a man from Strabane put him away for good? This is a story only a crow could tell, and here, he does.

HORSE DRAWING (2013) 1 min. This is a short stop-motion about a horse who draws. He gives us his thoughts as he draws, and  asks the question: what is art? Then he answers it.

HIGH MOON IN HELL CITY (1999) 8min. The moon is high, and the whole bloody city has gone to hell. There’s a werewolf running about, killing and mutilating people, but there’s a werewolf hunter running about too, and all he has to do is find the fucker, and kill him. Contains graphic scenes of plasticine people cursing and bleeding.

Watch this if ye dare…