IN EVITABLE (2013) 11 min. Wee jucks from the future. Special FX.

SPACEJUCK (2013) 59min. The story of a mutant monkey and his battles with everyday life. After getting some bad news, his friend Spacejuck vows to help him out, and chaos ensues…a costume sci-fi, set in the real world. Think the Muppets as done by Herzog. And a bit like the Mighty Boosh

BEWARE THE MARMAELAN! (2013) 4 min. Bill Hazzard wandering around Norway….Filmed on location, with real whiskey…

THE BUTLER (2011) 78 min. Sometime in the seventies, somewhere in Northern Ireland, three boys are on the run after a daring robbery, with the British army in hot pursuit. They find a safe-house, a wee country-house wherein lives a crazy hoor known as the Butler. The rest is history…Bankrobbers, bicycles, postmen, priests, helicopters, poitin and frontal nudity, this based-on-a-true-story film has it all!

BELLE STAR AND THE GOLDEN PISTOLS (2011) 28 min. The story of what happens when a foreigner bandit steals money from a hard-core Irish country & western band, and what happens when the mysterious line-dancer “Belle” gets thrown into the mix. Bullets, blood, gunfights, showdowns, line-dancing, and even some good ol’ country&western, this film will blow your hat off.

MAX ROBO (2010) 59 min. This film chronicles the creation and growth of Max Robo, a cyborg with a robot brain. The film also has a time travel theme running throughout, just to make things extra confusing. It was filmed around Donegal, Ireland in 2010.
“Is it a robot’s existential crisis? Is it one man’s struggle with single parenthood and post natal depression? How does Oisin the horse fit into all of this?”